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We are thankful for you!

Support Raleigh Little Theatre with a donation this holiday season

We cannot ignore the heartbreak of the past nine months. We have canceled shows and classes, postponed events, and been devastated by staff layoffs. Our operating budget has been cut in half for the current season. The global health crisis has taken a toll on Raleigh Little Theatre in a way that it will take years to recover from. 

In spite of all of these obstacles, this year has also been a reminder of how critically important our community is to our success. 

We have worked together in new ways with courage, resilience, and a renewed understanding of how important theatre is to who we are individually and collectively. This will be the foundation from which we rebuild. And as we look toward a time when we can begin to recover, we need your support like we never have before.

Your generous donation to Raleigh Little Theatre will support our ability to keep producing theatre during this time when ticket sales are extremely limited. Traditionally, income from ticket sales makes up about half of our annual income, but restrictions on the size of mass gatherings mean we can only sell a limited number of tickets to each production. Your donation will help ensure that we are able to offer virtual theatre classes to help thousands of students round out their virtual school curriculum, provide different forms of live theatre and entertainment that are so critically needed right now, and sustain us through this tough time in a way that allows us to be ready to reopen our doors to audiences as soon as it issafe to do so.

Please click here to make a special year-end donation to Raleigh Little Theatre.

Alternatively, you can have even more impact by becoming an RLT Sustainer with regular monthly donations of only $5 or $10. Head to to learn more about all of the ways you can donate!

RLT has a long history, and we have made it through many difficult times in our nearly 85 years of creating and teaching theatre. We will also make it through this because supporters like you have embraced us and are at the heart of who we are. Thank you for being a part of our community, and we cannot wait to see you at the theatre.


Heather J. Strickland, RLT Executive Director
919-821-4579 x221

Heather Strickland

Patrick Torres, RLT Artistic Director
919-821-4579 x222

Patrick Torres

Thanks to our Season Sponsors

Thanks to our season sponsors!